In Mali, focus is on waste management, monitoring water quality and institutional weaknesses. Policies and laws that help to coordinate the management of solid and liquid waste and protect water quality in water bodies are often not enforced. Water quality is hardly monitored regularly and systematically. Watershed trains CSOs to collect data on water quality. The analyses are shared through multi-stakeholder forums to help mobilise citizens to advocate for public sanitation and clean water. Watershed partners train local CSOs in data and evidence gathering, using the media and influencing politics. Resulting in the active involvement of the CSOs in fighting waste pollution. Some of the organisations Watershed Mali is working with are: the Network for Journalists promoting Water and Sanitation (RJEPA-Mali), the Coalition for the National Campaign for Drinking Water (CN-CIEPA) and the Council for Support for Basic Education (CAEB).

Another focus is on the documentation of case studies about the success and failures from WASH interventions, demonstrating the importance of integrating WASH with water resources management.