Watershed OH sensemaking session 2020

Guidelines for the last Outcome Harvesting Sensemaking workshop, May/June 2020

December 18, 2020


These guidelines describe the process for the last sensemaking workshop of the Watershed programme, adapted to be a fully online process. The purpose of the sensemaking process is two-fold:

  1. Learn how to do analysis and interpretation of harvested outcomes.
  2. Obtain insights on the monitoring questions as formulated in the OH design:
  3. How do the (pathways of ) harvested outcomes that show progress towards improved environmentally sustainable and equitable governance of WASH and IWRM as well as to capacity development of civil society?
  4. What has been the contribution of Watershed to these outcomes? Where have the strategies been effective, where not?
  5. How do these outcomes confirm and/or challenge the ToC?

Watershed OH sensemaking session 2020


Location: Global

Language: English

Type: Tool/training material/ Manual/guidelines