Adherence to regulated pro-poor water access tariffs in low income areas

August 19, 2020


Nanyuki Water and Sewerage Company Limited (NAWASCO), like many other water companies in Kenya has a pro-poor unit that targets the poor facilitating access to service delivery in compliance to Kenya’s constitutional right to water and sanitation for all. NAWASCO has mapped out pro-poor areas within Nanyuki town urban areas including slums/informal settlements and has installed 15 water kiosks therein to ensure effective service delivery through regulated pro-poor water access tariffs (Kshs. 2.00/20 litres of water).

Watershed, through KWAHO and Simavi conducted a survey to assess satisfaction levels on the prevailing pro-poor water access tariffs and the efficiency of service provision, through sampling 7 of the 15 water kiosks. The team produced a report whose results identified non-adherence to the existing pro-poor water tariffs, obsoleteness and underutilisation of the facilities by the kiosk operators. This case study gives a summary of the findings.

Location: Kenya

Language: English

Type: Research report