Alternative financing for water investments

August 20, 2020


The Ewaso Ng’iro North Catchment Area (ENNCA) in Laikipia County has limited water availability due to the small volume of existing storage capacity. This is attributed to insufficient investment in dams, pans, farm ponds, and rainwater tanks. Lack of finances and financing mechanisms specific to water infrastructure in the county have made it difficult for smallholder farmers to flourish. Inability to raise sufficient capital to start up commercial farming, or purchase water storage facilities has consistently proved to be a major challenge to most smallholder farmers in the region.

The Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) – in cooperation with several international organisations – therefore established a water savings and credit facility within the basin that will allow Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) farmers to save and borrow for on-farm water investments.

Location: Kenya

Language: English

Type: Research report