Capacity Building in Bhola

Capacity building in Bhola: Identifying approaches and experiences of implementers and local communities in the Watershed programme in Bangladesh

September 9, 2020


DORP’s implementation process and achievement in Watershed program since 2017.

In Bangladesh, the Watershed programme is implemented mainly in the area of Bhola, a hard to reach coastal district in south-central Bangladesh at the heart of the Ganges delta. It was formally launched in Dhaka on 28 March 2017.

In essence, the purpose of this project was to bring to light the experiences of the people involved in Watershed Bangladesh and identify the processes and approaches that led to the achieved outcomes and positive change that has been observed.


Author: By: Yannicke Goris

Location: Bangladesh

Language: English

Type: BookResearch report

Booklet-Watershed-Bangladesh-The-Broker-07-08-2020.pdf FINAL-REPORT-Capacity-building-in-Bhola-Watershed-Bangladesh-The-Broker_2020.pdf