Civil society influence in drinking water, sanitation and water resources budgets. Four pathways for change

December 22, 2020


This paper is largely based on research and work conducted in Bangladesh by the Development Organisation for the Urban Poor; in India by the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability and IRC WASH and in Kenya by the Water Integrity Network/Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Societies Network and the Centre for Social Planning and Administrative Development CESPAD between 2018 and 2020. Through a case studies in these countries, the paper describes how CSOs and government have collaborated and mobilised citizens to understand key moments for budget decision-making; have provided voice and space to the most marginalised; and succeeded in influencing financial allocations to water supply and sanitation. Examples from other countries are also provided.

Author: Catarina Fonseca, Zobair Hasan, Trisha Agarwal, Sareen Malik and Jacob A. Baraza

Location: BangladeshIndiaKenya

Language: English

Type: Briefing note/Position Paper