Coaching manual for gender and inclusion in advocacy for IWRM, WASH, epidemics and disaster management in rural areas

August 11, 2020


This coaching manual is based on GWA’s experience with coaching the CSOs in Bhola. Whilst a training manual is meant for training workshops of at least 3 days, for coaching only a few hours were available, per occasion or session. The shorter the time, the more important it is that the real key issues are discussed. This coaching manual is focusing on the coastal areas of Bangladesh, mostly Bhola, so to use this manual elsewhere, it is important to adapt some of the content to the actual context of where it is used.

It is important that the coaching sessions are inclusive and participatory: all participants should be encouraged to speak. This may be difficult at the beginning, but it is important, and after some sessions, all participants find it quite normal. Further it is important that the coaching sessions are interactive. Because of the short time that is available, it is tempting for the trainer/facilitator to tell the message as a lecture, but it is unlikely that the message will be remembered. Interactive sessions encourage all participants to think about the subjects, and they may remember them. The language used should not be difficult, it should be understandable and accessible to all. The coaching has to be good fun, everybody should enjoy it for different reasons apart from the snacks that are handed out.

Location: BangladeshGlobal

Language: English

Type: Tool/training material/ Manual/guidelines