Enabling Environment for Accountability Mechanism Through Citizen Scoring 2020

September 9, 2020


The Citizen Scoring is now in 4th year consecutively in2020. It has been introduced at Bhola in 2017 and practised yearly since then. The Water Management Citizen Committee-WMCC at Bhola uses the Citizen Scoring to give feedback on the quality of services on WASH and IWRM by the duty bearers’ thus enabling environment of accountability mechanism. Scoring by using Citizen Scorecard in Bhola is a civil society initiative targeting the improvement of WASH and IWRM services.
The Community Score Card (CSC) is a two-way and ongoing participatory tool for assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation of services. The Citizen Scoring gathered citizen feedback on services of public agencies at Bhola same as before and shared with Bangladesh Water Development Board-BWDB, Local Government Engineering Department-LGED and Department of Public Health Engineering-DPHE.

Location: Bangladesh

Language: English

Type: Briefing note/Position Paper