From no service to improved services: how communities in Bangladesh monitor themselves

August 31, 2020


This briefing note shares the use of social tools that will allow to empower the communities by giving them access to information about the status of ground reality in terms of WASH services and facilities, policies and practices.

By building the capacity of the community to collect its own data on existing service levels and track the progress made towards sustainable services, they can strengthen local decision making as well as fill the much required data gaps.

The second document is a case study of Ramgati  which illustrates the key findings gathered from the social mapping of the 18 wards of Char Alexandar and Char Badam.

Author: Digbijoy Dey, Shiny Saha, Ingeborg Krukkert

Location: Bangladesh

Language: English

Type: Briefing note/Position Paper

084-202010BN_Social_mappingdef.pdf 084-202010BN_CaseStudy_Social_mapping_Ramgatidef.pdf