Gender Coaching Manual Watershed Bangla 2020

December 29, 2020


The Coaching Manual for Gender and Inclusion in Advocacy for IWRM, WASH, Epidemics and Disaster Management in rural areas, including a session about COVID-19, translated into Bangla, and adapted to Bangladesh.

The Watershed Gender and Inclusion Coaching Manual for Advocacy in WASH and IWRM has been translated into Bangla.

This manual also has included two extra sessions on Covid-19 and on Disaster Management which are contemporary, relevant, and will be useful for rural CSO members all over the country. GWA has written it in a practical and participatory way describing the process of relatively short sessions, in which still a lot of subjects can be clarified, for people who did not have many educational opportunities. It is to be used at union level, by small and medium CSOs for CBOs.

The document is 73 pages.

Location: Bangladesh

Language: Bengali

Type: Tool/training material/ Manual/guidelines