Improving water resource management decision making through application of Geo-data in Kenya: The case of Kajiado County

August 19, 2020


Kenya is a chronically water scarce country. This means that the demand for water is greater than the renewable freshwater resources that the country can access.

In order to implement the ambitious national socio-economic development strategy in Kenya’s Vision 2030, strengthening the resilience of water supply systems, ecosystems and communities depending on these water sources, there is a need for more efficient governance and management of the scarce water resources, including generation and dissemination of timely and reliable water resource data. This data should be readily available and accessible to inform evidence-based decision making.

This briefing paper is part of the outcomes from the Watershed-empowering citizen’s programme and is a call to action for decision makers, politicians, business leaders and development agencies to ensure that challenges experienced in water resources management are overcome through application of coordinated approaches.


Location: Kenya

Language: English

Type: Briefing note/Position Paper