Joint Case Study Watershed Partnership & Health Systems Advocacy Partnership in Kajiado, Kenya

March 2, 2020


This document presents the report for the joint case study for Watershed Partnership and the Health Systems Advocacy Partnership in Kajiado County, Kenya under the Dialogue and Dissent Programme. The Dialogue and Dissent Strategic Partnerships (SPs) programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and aims to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations in evidence-based lobby and advocacy for a range of human rights since 2016.

The joint case study is between strategic partnerships, Watershed – Empowering Citizens and the Health System Advocacy (HSA) Partnership and is focused on learning about civic space supported under these programmes. The two partnerships are similar in the subjects they target including policy makers, committees, technical working groups and CSOs but with a different thematic focus (WASH vs. SRHR).

While Watershed provides technical support to policymakers, for example on monitoring of water resource management, the HSA Partnership does so on co-drafting policies and budget proposals. In the process, a range of local organizations (NGOs and CSOs/CBOs) are strengthened in their capacities by the partnerships. The two partnerships have used Outcome Harvesting in the regular monitoring of the results of the programme since 2018.

Author: Ms. Muthoni Muturi and Dr. Michael Karanja

Location: Kenya

Language: English

Type: Research report