Leave No One Behind Training Workshop: Facilitation Manual

December 22, 2020


Who is this manual for?

This manual can be used by inclusion/diversity experts from different actors involved in the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular Civil Society Organisation (CSOs), (local) governments, private sector, donors, etc. who want to Leave No One Behind when fulfilling their commitments towards Agenda 2030. If the organisation does not have a dedicated inclusion/diversity expert, it is highly recommended that such expertise would be acquired externally. As the training uses the principles of “Human Centred Design (HCD) approach, it would be desired if the inclusion/diversity experts are teamed up with HCD experts for optimum results.

In this manual and training, we will be emphasising on Equality instead of Equity which helps to move from moral imperatives to legally binding concepts and will have a direct impact on accountability as well as the sustainability of programmes and policies.

We encourage you to watch our “Presentation on Key Concepts on Leave No One Behind” (https://youtu.be/ dndWdCfkVdI) before you proceed with using this manual. This section further elaborated the concepts and definitions of the relevant key terms used in this manual:

Simavi can provide technical support and training to facilitate “How to Leave No One Behind” training. For more information, you can contact us through info@simavi.nl

Author: Sara Ahrari, Simavi for Watershed

Location: Global

Language: English

Type: Tool/training material/ Manual/guidelines