Let your voice be heard: Civil society’s role in public budgeting

August 25, 2020


Citizens have a right to know how the government is raising and using public money. Public money belongs to all of us because it is raised through the taxes we pay. Citizens have a right to know how government funds are being spent, and even ask the government to spend funds on certain things. To do so, citizens and civil society must actively participate in budget processes.

The Centre for Social Planning and Administrative Development (CESPAD) has been working in Kajiado County on improving civic participation in the budget process. Through a project titled, Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in Public Finance Management in the Water Sector in Kajiado County, CESPAD trained civic ambassadors to become Budget Champions, who understand the county budget cycle and to meaningfully participate in budget processes. The civic ambassador capacity building training sessions were conducted by CESPAD with technical support from the Institute of Public Finance-Kenya (IPF-K).

This guide draws from these experiences in Kajiado County and aims to inform other civil society organisations and members, who wish to get involved in budget discussions on how to do so effectively.


Location: Kenya

Language: English

Type: Tool/training material/ Manual/guidelines