Press release Watershed Mali

June 18, 2019


Protecting water sources from pollution is everyone’s responsibility. It cannot be left to public authorities alone. All sectors, public and private, must take appropriate and adequate action to prevent pollution. It demands the open engagement of all stakeholders, from individuals and local communities to international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and civil society. Action should be differentiated according to the type of water use and the actors i.e. whether as an individual person or as a corporate body. There is an urgent need to step up research, monitoring and assessment of water quality in Mali, taking an integrated approach using the basin as a management unit. Scientific findings from research should inform sound policy formation and implementation. Furthermore, sufficiently funded and manned regulatory functions are required to ensure compliance with and enforcement of rules and regulations.

These are the questions that will be addressed by the Watershed project in Mali and we are asking for your strong support and contribution to the achievement of these results!

Location: Mali

Language: English

Type: Article, Journal, Newspaper