Watershed India – Data to Decision Making Paper

July 1, 2019


Key issues highlighted by the survey:

  • For the first time, Community was informed of the national standards of “functionality” of water points. It is a combination of coverage, safety, adequacy and reliability of water points. Insights from data informed the community to track their water sources on all the above components and realised the need to sustain the existing water sources than installation more water points.
  • In the water point mapping survey, each public water source was tested on four water quality parameters; Iron, coliform, pH and Electrical Conductivity (Salinity). Water source was classified as safe if it conformed to the permissible limit as per the national standards.
  • Close to half the water sources were identified as unsafe. It helped clear community’s perception about improved water sources such as handpumps /tap-water providing safe water.
  • It also convinced the community and its leaders the need for regular water testing as a priority in the village plan.

Author: Watershed India

Location: India

Language: English